Welcome to the “I Support A Coach” Foundation website.

The “I Support A Coach” Foundation strives to support the quality of life for disabled kids in third World countries, by providing the opportunity to play sitting volleyball one of the paralympic disciplines. By giving the disabled kids the opportunity to play sports they will be able to take part in the social life. It allows them to excel at sports and gives them a new goal in life.

The foundation specifically strives wants to focus on the training of coaches and trainers for the sport for the disabled. Besides the non-availability of materials, it is mainly the knowledge of sitting volleyball that is missing. Sportsmen will only start developing their skills if well trained coaches are available to guide them. A coach can provide continuous support in the development of the players and can be a constant factor in the development of the sporting opportunities for disabled players.

Financial support for the coaches is needed for them to be able to play their role well in addition to materials and training. You can assist the coaches in their efforts to train disabled players by donating €2,50 per week. Your donation will be forwarded directly to a coach so you can say: I Support A Coach!

The information on this website might not yet be complete, but it is here to give people the right incentive to act now and help the disabled kids.

Questions, remarks or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Rwandan Sit Volleybal team tours the Netherlands 2012